Registering a new account in the Interface

To create a new account for your students, ask them to visit and let them fill in the information. Remind them to fill in all information in English, this is needed for the app to work correctly. The “Description” field will be displayed below every article published by the student, so it should be informative but kept short. All information, including the password, can be changed at any time. After they filled out the form and sent it to our server, they need to tell you their username, with which you are able to promote them through your admin interface access: Navigate to, log in with your credentials, visit the “Groups” tab and add them to the “authors” group - now they should be able to log into the interface and create articles.

Should your student have forgotten his or her password, you can reset it by logging into the admin panel, clicking on users, selecting the student and click on the form below they username.