About us

We, Florian Hauser and Thomas Lenz, started SmartPlastic in August 2018. We have been asked to create the SmartPlastic app for the Erasmus project by one of our teachers and started thinking about it. In Germany, you can do a special scientific work called BLL (which roughly translates to Special-Study-Accomplishment) and thus earn points for your graduation. We decided to create the app and make it the subject of this scientific work we need to turn in before July 2019.

Before starting this project, we have been coding for fun using different languages, but haven’t heard of reStructuredText, haven’t have any experience dealing with server hosting nor dived into Python this deeply. As this app is literally tons of work, we are happy for every helping hand we can reach out to, and as you can see with us as an example, it doesn’t even take any precognitions. Writing or translating documentation doesn’t require any coding experience at all (besides rest markup, but that’s easy, duh), and we also need people for HTML and CSS styling the WebApp, too.

We are happy that we are dealing with a topic with such a great importance. Environmental protection is important to us, and this is how we thought of “We are not just into this, we are up for the cause.” as our project’s caption. We are looking forward to working together with great companies like the WWF or Parley during the project.

You are always welcome to start a little chat with us, just visit the interface where you will be able to find our email addresses and GitHub usernames!