Team organizationΒΆ

Our team features an imperial structure that makes clear who is able to do what and points out why. Currently, our hierarchy is organized as follows. You can check what group a developer is assigned to in the team doc.

Rights Groups
Head developer Senior developer Junior developer Notes
Create an issue Check Check Check  
Start pull request  
Create branches  
Merge branches    
Create releases      
Django admin access Check      
Interface all-access Check    
TeamSpeak admin Check      
TeamSpeak mod Check Check  
Slack admin Check Check    
App Store Connect Check (Check)  
Play Console      
Server settings Check      
Server console      


(1) Branches are assigned for special development purposes. When one wants to work on the project freely, they can feel free to fork the repo at any time. (2) Some seniors may get App Store Connect access based on their impact on the project if needed.


The head developers decide which role is assigned to whom. We will not give roes based on what others say but purely on our own impression.