Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help, I always get the error “Screen resolution too small” when accessing the interface!

We don’t support tablets and mobile phones accessing the interface at the moment. Try accessing the interface from your desktop pc.

I do not find “SmartPlastic” on the App Store/Play Store. Where is it?

Right now, SmartPlastic is in pre-release development phase. You are not able to download it without signing up for the alpha/beta release. To do so, refer to this article.

I can’t join your GitHub organization!

That’s strange. Double check wether you have turned on two-factor authentication in your GitHub settings (it’s inside the security options). If everything is alright over there, contact a developer using one of the methods described below.

I got a problem and it’s huge. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know how to explain it and I am completly lost. What do I do?

We are sad to hear that you ran into a problem using our software as we try to make it as comfortable to use as possible. We’d be very happy to assist you further in solving the problem. To do so, pick the method that suits best for you:

  • Contact us via email: Message and tell us as much about the problem you ran into as you can.
  • Contact us via phone: We do not have any main telephone contact times, but it would fit best for us Mondays from 2:30pm until 4pm - altough we are sure to find a time together if you do not have time then. Just mail us using the email above and we’ll give you our number and contact times.
  • Contact us via TeamSpeak: If you are familiar to TeamSpeak, this would be our prefered method of communication, as we would be able to assist you directly by sending you links or files troughout the TeamSpeak client, talk with you hassle-free and more. Mail us using the email adress named above and we’ll make you an appointment with one of our devs. After making sure that you have the latest TeamSpeak version installed (or at least ≥3.1.6), conntect to the server with the nickname SmartPlastic (add this instead of an IP or hostname when prompted) and wait until you are moved to a channel by one of our staff members.