Joint Staff Training


Duo to server constructions, we did not receive any emails prior to sunday evening (2nd of December). We are now able to see all emails (so there is no need to resend them) and are already working trough them - thank you for your patience.

Dierdorf, Germany, November 20. We held our joint staff training in Dierdorf, where the teachers of the Erasmus+ project came together to discuss the launch. After Jan-Micha Kroll, a former student of the MBG who created Sdui, an awesome app making school-student communication way easier, Florian and Thomas held a presentation on the state of the app, where they explained the following:

  • Main parts of the app to focus on
  • How to use the interface
  • How to upload and manage content
  • How to work together collaboratively
  • and more…

Below, you’ll find some further instructions on how to connect your student with us, download the beta app, or download the presentation’s files.


If you have any interested students (or are an interested student), you can find the GitHub page at, it should look similar to this:

Picture of the github organization

There, you can take a closer look at what we are doing right now.

Are you a teacher and want to see the project developing, see what your students are doing or are interested in Django, WebApps, or mobile app development, feel free to leave a message for us at and we will add you to our github organization.

Are you a student and want to follow the project’s development or even want to take part in this? Welcome on board! Just hop on by messaging and you will be added to the GitHub org as well.

Installing the beta app

To participate in beta-testing, follow our guide.


Here you can download the presentation, explanations and the example files:
… or simply download all files together in a single zip-file: