The information tab is to add static information, that separates from articles by their “timeless” status. While articles should be editorial content that have up-to-dateness, info tabs should feature content that will not change and is information not associated with special real-world events or a specific time.

In your interface, it’s easy to create or modify existing info blocks so that they are accessible inside the mobile app.

Creating info blocks

Follow theses steps to create an info block:

  1. Log in to your personal interface account
  2. On the infos page, click on “Create info” on the top.
  3. Enter your info’s title, body and pick a thumbnail.
  4. After you have clicked “Release”, your info block should be instantly visible online.


Only managers (e.g. teachers) are able to modify or delete other’s infos.

Modifying articles

If you want to modify one of your articles, follow these steps:

0. Log in to your personal interface account. You need to have at least “manager” security level or above in order to modify or delete an article that is not yours. 1. On the articles page, scroll and find your article you want to modify. 2. Click on the article to open up the detail view. 3. On the top, click “Edit this article”. 4. After you have changed what you wanted to change, click “Release”.